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The Original Pack

The Original Pack

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Introducing "The Original Pack", your gateway to a kaleidoscopic wonderland of colour, optics, and imaginative play. This curated bundle is not just a starter pack but an invitation to a captivating sensory adventure that appeals to both kids and adults alike. Whether you are looking to ignite a spark of curiosity or a gift that keeps on giving, this is the perfect pack for you!


1 x Original CMY Cube:

Journey into the fascinating realms of subtractive colour mixing with the Original CMY Cube, an ingeniously designed sensory toy that has already mesmerised over 30,000 customers.

The CMY Cube is not just a toy but a vibrant bridge between playful curiosity and STEAM education, making learning a visually enthralling experience.
Discover the secrets of optics and physics as you twist and turn the cube, watching the primary colors Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow morph into a spectrum of color before your eyes. It's a hands-on adventure that nurtures logical thinking and a thirst for knowledge.

1 x GyroStand:

The GyroStand is not just a stand but a portal that amplifies the magic of the CMY Cube. Its sleek design cradles the cube securely, allowing it to spin a full 360º. As the Cube spins, witness the ballet of colours dance and mix, creating a hypnotic visual symphony.
This revolutionary stand brings a new dimension of interaction with the CMY Cube, enhancing your space with a mesmerising blend of aesthetics and colour physics.

1 x CMYKlean (Cleaning Cloth):

Your CMY products deserve to stay pristine, and the CMY Klean is here to ensure they always look their dazzling best. This high-quality microfiber cleaning cloth is a whisper-soft guardian that effectively sweeps away fingerprints, dust, and smudges.

Machine washable and reusable, the CMY Klean is your trusty companion in maintaining the sparkling allure of your CMY products.


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CMY キューブを選ぶ理由

  • 30,000人以上の幸せな顧客

  • We make learning fun for all ages!

  • 競合他社の8倍

  • 完璧なダイヤモンド研磨

  • 8種類以上のデザインからお選びいただけます


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Tess W.
United States United States

This Cube is SO. COOL.

I ordered the Regular Sized Cube for my daughter for Christmas. I'd never heard of them before it appeared on her list. When it came, I could not resist opening it because I love glass, and I love prisms. Oh my gosh, I've never seen anything like this! Much better than a plain old prism, the colors of each side of the Cube combine to make new colors every time you turn it a little. It is an absolute feast for the eyes, and such a satisfying sensory experience. The colors are amazingly saturated and clear. I will be putting one of these on my own birthday list for the upcoming year!

Dusan T.
Canada Canada

CMY cube & stand

Granddaughter was VERY excited to get the cube. Great quality! Will be placing another order soon.

Jennifer B.

CMY Cube with Stand

Very happy with it

Glenn K.
Canada Canada

The cube is great

Despite issues with delivery (not CMY's fault), I now have the cube and I love it.

Lee S.
Australia Australia

My kids loved it!!

I only wish they had come out with the pack sooner!